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תאריך הצטרפות: 16 ביוני 2022

מי אנחנו

According to FlightAware data from Saturday, American Airlines had to postpone hundreds of flights this weekend owing to manpower shortages caused by weather-related interruptions. According to a website that records airline delays and cancellations in the United States, American flight cancelled over 800 flights on Friday and Saturday, and expects over 400 cancellations on Sunday. Strong wind storms on Thursday hindered capacity at the company's Dallas hub and delayed crew positioning for subsequent flights, according to American Airlines CEO David Seymour, who wrote a note to employees on Saturday. With more weather concerns, the company's CEO stated that staffing "begins to run short as crew members are pulled out of their usual flight sequences." American Airlines isn't one of them. The first airline to experience a personnel shortage as travel demand rises when immunizations and restrictions are lifted.

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